[thelist] Perl & Unix epoch

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Sun Apr 7 23:14:01 CDT 2002

We've gotten of topic. The discussion started with Unix TimeStamp verus DB

If you want to find the records updated or inserted in the last 24 hours,
both suffice. But what if you want to find the records that are between
April 1st, 1990 and April 30th, 1990. If you are using Unix TimeStamps,
what do you do?? Calculate the Unix Timestamp ahead of time and use
between? Grab everything and iterate through the data?

What about adding a year to your "deactivation" date? What if it's a leap year?

What if I want to find all the records that were created in April,
irregardless of Year? What about all records created between 8am and 5pm,
irregardless of date??

You are correct in saying use the DB to fetch data. My belief is that in
order to facilitate the searching and fetching of data you use the DB
Date/Time functions.
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