[thelist] Re: how to tell evolt server's time relative to gmt (was: Re: [thelist] Incorrect SQL?)

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Apr 8 10:23:13 CDT 2002

the evolt servers sit in CST, which is either -0500 or -0600 GMT
although I'm not sure which since daylight savings took place this weekend..

if you have a members.evolt.org account, you can use any of the
scripting languages to return the local server time for you.. if you
wanna know how to do that in any particular language, just shout..

hth! :)


Lachlan Cannon wrote:

> Does anyone know what the time of evolt's servers relative to gmt is? and is
> there somewhere I can get this info without asking someone? possibly someway
> I can use it in scripts?

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