IE6 rollovers [was Re: [thelist] Internet Explorer update - what update??]

Michael Mell mike at
Mon Apr 8 12:42:01 CDT 2002

Has anyone seen rollovers in IE 6 become noticeably slower than in
previous versions? I have an error-free, simple javascript to do
rollovers which has worked well in all browsers until IE6. Is it my
script or IE?


MRC wrote:

> Scott,
> > I'm incredibly frustrated by the lack of information easily
> > available about the new IE update for windows.  I was informed
> > by IE that there's a new version, but I could find -no-
> > information about what changes were made.
> [...]
> > Does anyone have any information on what changes this most
> > recent version effects?
>     Try this:
> James Aylard
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