[thelist] Downloading multiple documents through an IE browser with one request?

Michael Pemberton mpember at phreaker.net
Mon Apr 8 23:51:00 CDT 2002

To see how some of this can be done, check out the code on my evolt website (m.e.o/mpember/afroapix/)  under the examples, you will find some code relating to handling local files from within JS.

The source code is available for download under the "Files" section.

There may be some need for the user to authorise the "insecure" code, but other than that it will all come down to the browser version as to wether it uses ActiveX or Java.

It basically uses JS to interact with the request and transfers the file that way, I haven't done much with it other than load JS files, but it should be a starting point.

One feature is the ability for async or sync transfers in the ActiveX version (Java only work in a sync method).

I'd be more than willing to go into more detail offlist if you wish.

This post is a bit long, so I better pay my dues :)

<tip type="IDE Device Settings" author="Michael Pemberton">
On the unit (HDD/CD/DVD/Zip) itself try and aviod the use of "Cable Select".  It will cause headaches later if you change something and don't match the precise settings.

Always attempt to use a Master/Slave combination and NEVER mix Master/Slave with Cable Select options.

Also, try and keep "Auto Detection" in the BIOS to a minimum.  This is only really of use if you change devices regularly and can't be bothered correcting the settings.

A good method is to use "Auto" the first time you boot and once the BIOS has detected the settings, but it back to manual.  It should default to the detected settings and remember for faster booting next time.
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