[thelist] <thead> vs. <th>?

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Tue Apr 9 09:29:04 CDT 2002

Mike Combs wrote:

> What is the rule of thumb for using <thead> to encapsulate the <tr> and
> <td>, and when should I use <th>?  Or should I use <thead> to encapsulate
> <th> to be really safe?
> I can't imagine a scenario where some of the column head cells would be
> <th> and others would be <td>, so wouldn't you always use <thead> with <td>
> and have no need for <th>?

Think about the behavior you want: the THEAD identifies one or more
rows that the user agent may use as a fixed header for the /entire/
table, allowing the table contents to scroll under it.

OTOH, you may have rows of TH /sub-headings/ within the table that
only apply to smaller sections; they're logically THs but you don't
want them fixed as if they apply to the whole table.

Does that help? I'll be on my second cup of coffee by the time you
say no :-)
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