[thelist] look and feel

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Apr 10 19:25:09 CDT 2002

Hi Matt,

I've seen and liked your photos before.

Things to try:

More padding in the top bar. Consider making "matthew garrett" an image
using a clearer font in a larger size. Look for alignment -- either
"matthew" with the "homeward" mouseover, or with the gallery name box down
the bottom.

Definitely change +/- to >/< (or similar).

I'd keep the background colour of the page consistent. The near-lavender on
lagniappe is a bit average. Sometimes I think the gallery image on the left,
and the main one in focus clash. You could try keeping the gallery leftbar
image darkened and desaturated.

Your padding in each region is not always equal. I'd position the small
photo icons the same distance from the photo and right edge as the
"photography" text in the top-right is. Also, use the same distance to space
each icon from the next.

The navigation text in the bottom right is inconsistent. It's the only place
you've introduced the square brackets, whereas elsewhere you've used boxed
text, or white on a photo, etc. I'd remove those square brackets. This would
at least allow your "home" text to align with the top-right "photography"
without the interruption of the square bracket.

I'd consider providing an alternate means of switching between galleries.
Since they're fairly brief, it can be annoying to have to head homeward
before choosing another option.

Finally, you might like to flag some of the strong photos for the random
frontdoor intro (lights on the roof, rising cow, underwater reeds,
approaching storm, bridge). That way you're guaranteed a really great first
impression, rather than if someone hits "Toast" first.

Otherwise, nice work!


triple zero digital | upstairs at 200 the parade, norwood 5067
(08)83320545 | www.triplezero.com.au | isaac at triplezero.com.au

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