[thelist] an HTML icon

R.Livsey R.Livsey at cache-22.co.uk
Thu Apr 11 19:38:00 CDT 2002

> I am making images for a PHP project that will display
> various files, and the images will basically be icons
> representing a particular file type.  I had been taking
> screenshots of windows icons (the size used for "display as
> list") and cropping them.  This worked great for folders,
> exe, and pdf files.  Trouble is, one of the icons needed for
> the project is for an HTML document. Unfortunately, every
> browser has their own distinct icon associated with HTML
> files.  We don't want to use something that is browser
> specific (the "e" for internet explorer, the "O" for opera, etc.).
> What would you recommend?
> Christy "sasha" Siepker
> http://bittersweet2.com

Had the same kind of problem when trying to come up with a 'view PHP
source' button on my website <pimp>www.cache-22.co.uk</pimp>. I ended up
with a set of '<? ?>' as that's what I figured best equated to PHP.

For HTML, I'm not sure just '< >' would mean much to me. Maybe just a
standard document icon with HTML or WWW written on it.
There are times when trying to create an image to represent something
becomes too obscure and in the end its just best and easiest to come
straight out and say it, IE just have HTML written there on the front in
plain view :)



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