[thelist] Which Netscape?

sasha sasha at bittersweet2.com
Sun Apr 14 20:46:01 CDT 2002

If you are a serious web designer, there is no reason
why you should be "ditching" Netscape 4.x.  My site
stats still show it as the #1 non-IE browser.  You
should keep it to at least continue checking your
progress in that browser.

If you're looking for a different primary browser, I
highly recommend Opera.  I use Opera 6.1 as my browser
and mail reader.  The mail files are in the simple unix
mbox format, making it easy to import the files into
other mail clients.  The client itself is decent.  Can't
imagine too many features a mail client might have that
would make one better than any other (except IE.. unless
you like security holes).

Might want to read this (Opera vs Mozilla vs IE):

Christy "sasha" Siepker

4/14/2002 8:30:15 PM, Meredith Tupper
<meredith at pintsize.com> wrote:

>Hi all,
>Time to upgrade Netscape; should I step up to the 6.0
>version or stay within the confines of 4.7?  Also, I
>it's time for me to ditch Netscape as a mail program,
>I'm considering Pegasus or The Bat.  Any
>I'm using Win98 at least until the new suse linux comes
>this month.
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