[thelist] Image, whitespace, NN4.7

Daniel Medley dm at lgcy.com
Wed Apr 17 16:37:01 CDT 2002

I have an image within a table aligned left with text wrapping it; pretty
simple stuff, however I want some whitespace between the image(and the text
above and below it) and the table border.  I also want there to be the same
amount of whitespace between the right side of the image and the text that
wraps it.. I thought that if I set my cell padding to "5" and used CSS to
establish  a 5px
margin on the right-hand side of the image,  I would get a nice 5px amount
whitespace between text, image and cell border and between the image and the
text wrapping on the right side.  It works perfectly in IE 5.5 however in
NN4.7 it does not
render the CSS margin I have with the right side of the image. The result is
that everything
looks good except where the text comes up flush against the right side of
the image. If I use
hspace with <img  /> it gives me the whitespace but then it throws the rest
it out of whack; the "5" setting of the hspace is added to the 5px of
margin between the image and the cell border while the text above and below
retains just the 5 px cellpadding; pretty ugly. I know that I could hack
my way around this by nixing the cellpadding and using a spacer gif in
another cell adjacent to the left
margin of the text and image but I'd rather not.
I'm a newbie so I'm almost certain that I'm missing something here,  but if
anyone could
give me some ideas I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks in advance,

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