[thelist] Image, whitespace, NN4.7

sasha sasha at bittersweet2.com
Wed Apr 17 17:16:01 CDT 2002

Have you tried putting the images inside a <div> and
adding a 5px margin to the div?  Netscape 4.x doesn't
apply margins to certain elements (such as contents of a
td), but it will apply them to contents of a div, or a
paragraph.  Of course, if your text meant to flow around
your image, this probably won't be of much help...

Christy "sasha" Siepker

4/17/2002 6:38:26 PM, "Daniel Medley" <dm at lgcy.com>

>I have an image within a table aligned left with text
wrapping it; pretty
>simple stuff, however I want some whitespace between
the image(and the text
>above and below it) and the table border.  I also want
there to be the same
>amount of whitespace between the right side of the
image and the text that
>wraps it.. I thought that if I set my cell padding to
"5" and used CSS to
>establish  a 5px
>margin on the right-hand side of the image,  I would
get a nice 5px amount
>whitespace between text, image and cell border and
between the image and the
>text wrapping on the right side.  It works perfectly in
IE 5.5 however in
>NN4.7 it does not
>render the CSS margin I have with the right side of the
image. The result is
>that everything
>looks good except where the text comes up flush against
the right side of
>the image. If I use
>hspace with <img  /> it gives me the whitespace but
then it throws the rest
>it out of whack; the "5" setting of the hspace is added
to the 5px of
>margin between the image and the cell border while the
text above and below
>retains just the 5 px cellpadding; pretty ugly. I know
that I could hack
>my way around this by nixing the cellpadding and using
a spacer gif in
>another cell adjacent to the left
>margin of the text and image but I'd rather not.
>I'm a newbie so I'm almost certain that I'm missing
something here,  but if
>anyone could
>give me some ideas I would appreciate it very much.
>Thanks in advance,
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