[thelist] critique and review request for 2 sites

Samir M. Nassar nassarsa at redconcepts.net
Sun Apr 21 06:08:01 CDT 2002


I would be most honored if you guys would critique both

http://os-ds.com and http://www.redconcepts.net

I know these are two sites, but I figured I can swing it since they are
sister sites. ;-) Besides, I'll owe tips galore.

What are your concerns? Any horrible mistakes?
What are things I could improve? Are there any big no-no's?

I heard it said that people METAs can be too long. Should I shorten

Oh, credit goes to David Bindel for helping me with the tabs...

The webmail portion in the RedConcepts site looks very different than
the man site. This is a hold-over from the previous (truly terrible)
version. I'll change that pending more input.

Samir M. Nassar

Open Source Design Syndicate

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