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Thank you so much for the help.  You're not going to believe this, but
my instructor gave me the .fla that you just pointed me too.  But, get
this. He took credit for coming up with it.  I asked him where he got
the script and where could I learn more about it, and he said, "I did
it.", emphasizing the "I".  I filed a complaint against him, but that
was before I knew that he lied about creating this file.  I suspected
that he didn't create it before I found the Macromedia and Flash logos
in the library.  He had deleted the Flash logo from the stage.  Can you
believe it????  He's even lectured to us about copyright.

I have a degree and I'm going through school to get an advanced
certificate in interactive media.  Well, I've never filed a complaint
before, so this is all new for me.  It's been no fun at all.  I'm not
going to quit, if I can help it, but there are issues to be dealt with.

Thanks so much for the help.  You even provided proof for me, in the
event that I need it.  Wow.  Isn't that amazing?

I'm still looking for a way to incorporate the scripting from the
currency conversion .fla to the existing shopping cart.

Wish me luck!

Best regards,
Janet FitzGerald

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I thought there was a function in Flash to do this...
While trying to find it, I found this.  It might be
helpful for you regarding currency formatting.  They
create their own function to display the currency with
appropriate decimal places (which you can probably
adjust to put commas in the proper places), once the
total is calculated.

Calling the price totals within an external document is
a good idea for Flash, since your "imaginary" client can
easily update that without touching the movie.

Christy "sasha" Siepker

4/26/2002 2:08:07 AM, "Janet FitzGerald"
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>Hi Sasha!
>I really can't set it up now to be downloaded, but here
is the
>shoppingcart.txt file:
>What is confusing to me, is that all of the fruit.fla
files are simply
>one image imported into one keyframe on one layer with
no action script.
>The information in the text file is what appears inside
the text fields
>during the movie.  So, the movie is calling the .txt
>Since I sent my first email to evolt, I have managed to
stick in my own
>movie and make it work by replacing the picture in each
fruit movie,
>then going into the text file and changing the "title"
(text field
>variable) and the "cost" (text field variable).  NOW,
the problem is
>with the comma and the decimal in say, $50,000.00
(expensive art glass).
>When there is "punctuation", then the total (text field
>calculates to a NaN (not a number?)  I hope I'm making
sense, here.
>So, I can almost 100% fake it, as long as my expensive
art glass is
>cheap and under $1000 dollars, but not quite.
>Thanks for all help!
>Janet FitzGerald
>Lawrence, KS

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