[thelist] setting up freetds or odbc to connect to a ms sql server?

John Fitzpatrick ffm123 at subdimension.com
Mon Apr 29 03:23:01 CDT 2002

*** Apologies if this is a double post -- not sure if the 1st got through

Not true.
Using PHP/Apache you can dynamically load a PHP extension at runtime.
To _d_ynamically _l_oad the ODBC extension you’d use a statement something
like the following:


Where the argument to the function is the absolute path to the extension.


You should then have access to the suite of ODBC functions provided by the
(the manual entries for these are not easy to find - they’re listed under
“Unified ODBC functions” and the entry in the manual’s contents page is not
in [alphabetical] order)...


One other thing to note is that you’ll probably need administrator access to
the Windows/MSSQL server in order to set up a “DSN” connection to the target

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> Without ODBC support compiled in your PHP/Apache mod, I believe
> it is almost
> impossible.
> I would recommend rolling a development environment on a junk box that you
> hopefully have laying around.  If you have a basic box, FreeBSD
> would be the
> quickest install with the available ports collection.
> Try to get it rolling that way.
> Good luck,
> David

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