[thelist] print css not working

Scarlett Julian (ED) Julian.Scarlett at sheffield.gov.uk
Mon Apr 29 06:14:01 CDT 2002

Hi Lach

did that a while ago and it *is* the javascript. I thought that it would not
display because it was within the div but hey-ho. I have now moved over to a
text only nav menu and it works fine ;-) thnks for your time.

Also had a whale of a time sorting out a print css problem where a div
containing a table wouldn't print if the table was more than one page of A4.
The div had a property/value of width:auto and float:left and taking these
out seemed to cure it although I still haev no idea why.

Ah, the many tripping-up-bits of css never fail to impress me.


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> ED said:
> > sorry, no, it's all on localhost atm.
> >
> > J.
> >
> Hmm, try just putting the div in the page with text content,
> but removing
> the javascript, and see if the print works then. If so, then
> it's no doubt
> the js, if not send another message to the list (possibly
> with a copy of the
> css, if you can).
> Lach
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