[thelist] DB2/400 returns EBCDIC

Christopher Joseph Christopher at ideadesigners.com
Mon Apr 29 08:21:01 CDT 2002

Unfortunately ODBC is considered very slow from NT to iSeries. I think in
testing we concluded that it was a ratio of 6:1  ODBC to OLEDB. Some

You might consider setting up WAS on the iSeries and passing the request?

You could use native DB2/400 connectivity (I think it is called DB2 Connect)

Sorry I couldn`t be more help.


P.S you could try asking
OR http://www.ignite400.org

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Sorry didn`t see this till now. Quick question? Is your WAS running on the
iSeries machine? If it is the iSeries should be able to translate the
to ascii happily with the right map directive on the http server.

a little like this :

Exec /cgifram/* /QSYS.LIB/cgi_fram.LIB/*  %%EBCDIC%%


WAS is running on NT.  Wish I could find a solution as simple as your
iSeries answer!
For now I'm stuck using the JD Edwards ODBC driver, but I know there's got
to be a better solution.  I mean, isn't ODBC considered sort of a
last-resort route?


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