[thelist] Best/Good way to organize a website.

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Mon Apr 29 16:45:01 CDT 2002


(hey i work for a company named aardvark. imagine that!)

so that's your site? i saw the breadcrumb thing around here somewhere
today and that's why i got to thinking about how it (my site) is being
done. i'd really like to use the script, but so far the site doesn't
facilitate it. so that's why i'm writing.

> i hate query strings... i do everything i can to remove them from
> play...

but aren't query strings unavoidable at some point? since you said,
"[you] do everything [you] can to remove them" i'll assume that means
that they can't be removed 100%?

> not able to hack the install on a shared host, for my
> personal site (http://roselli.org/adrian/), every page is its
> own file...

if you were able to "hack the install" what would you do? are you
referring to a windows based os or a *nix os that you would "hack" if
you could? i ask that because i have access to the server itself and
would like to try out different methods, win2k advanced server.

> the file itself contains a variable for the page title, the meta
> keywords, the meta description, the content, and any special
> content (sidebars, etc.)...

a variable for the page title? where does the value for this page title
variable come from?

i understand the bit about the meta tags, but as for the content i'm not
sure. is it static or pulled from a database?

> this file also calls, via a traditional include call, a
> template file...

here is where i get real messed up. up until this point i thought that
the file you were referring to WAS the template, but then you say you
INCLUDE the template in each seperate file. please explain how that

i think once i understand this i will have a much better understanding
of what you are doing.


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