[thelist] setting up freetds or odbc to connect to a ms sql server?

John Fitzpatrick ffm123 at subdimension.com
Mon Apr 29 19:07:01 CDT 2002

> > You should then have access to the suite of ODBC functions
? > provided by the extension (the manual entries for these are
> > not easy to find - they're listed under "Unified ODBC functions"
> > and the entry in the manual's contents page is not
> > in [alphabetical] order)...

> okay, now i need to understand this DSN business... surely if the dsn is
> registered on the MSSQL server (which it is) - how do I reference that
> from the linux server i am using?

Get a SQL Server ODBC driver for Linux ... try
http://library.freeodbc.org/ -> downloads ->
TDS Driver 1.6, Database: Various SQL Servers 1.0, Platform: Linux (Redhat)
6.x (Intel 80x86)

The details are in the following phpbuilder article:
“Accessing a Microsoft SQL Server database from PHP running under Linux”

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