[thelist] cheapest no mysql, more lawyer problems

Techwatcher techwatcher at accesswriters.com
Tue Apr 30 10:31:21 CDT 2002

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> I would be really interested in this webhost, except it appears that
> cheapest hosting plan does NOT include MySQL. Is this right?
> Thanks,
> Nan

Cheapest plan no MySQL, I think that's right. I have the next higher
plan, although I'm not planning on using the included online db.
(Personally, I think anyone who stores valuable proprietary data online
must be crazy. But that's me... I store it off-line.)

Cheers --
techwatcher at onebox.com

Lawyer problems: yeah, threatening to go to court anyway just to
recover for the money they spent on paying lawyers to prepare a case
the lawyers knew couldn't be won is standard procedure. In fact, one
REALLY BIG company practically won its near-monopoly that way, as you
may know... (-8 The problem is, judges used to be lawyers, and if you
go in without one, you lose regardless of law OR evidence. Also, if you
live in NYC, they have NO regard for truth, so take in evidence of
EVERY SINGLE STATEMENT you plan to assert (i.e., it's your domain, you
asked listing companies to alter the listing, etc.).

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