[thelist] customlog thing from last night

John Handelaar genghis at members.evolt.org
Tue Apr 30 11:42:08 CDT 2002

use strict;
my $line;
open(FILE, ">>test.log");
$line = <STDIN>;
print FILE $line;
close FILE;

This one closes the pipe at the end of each line
of input, meaning you get a new process wach time
a write event happens, instead of trying to leave
the log open - which (this is a guess) causes
the second write to attempt opening a new
process, see a locked logfile and abort.

Kudos to simon at userfrenzy.com for assistance,
if it works :-)

Bear in mind that on a heavy server this could slow
down your Apache badly, cos it's closing and opening
the file each and every time it sees a \n ...


John Handelaar

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