[thelist] Setting Window Attributes

Liam Delahunty ldelahunty at britstream.com
Tue Apr 30 11:59:03 CDT 2002

sasha wrote:
>Ugh, I wish more people would start using pop-up windows
>that degrade gracefully.  I get tired of having to allow
>pop-ups in Opera just to view important content.


Is it possible to write a pop-up that would degrade gracefully that would do
what Jim wanted (a browser window with only the toolbar showing.) ?

In Opera just set windows to open behind. At load pop-ups such as from
http://www.thehungersite.com/ open in the background, where as new pop-ups
from a link open in foreground.

Personally I rarely open new windows using the JavaScript technique except
where it provides additional information to the site's reader when I don't
want them to have to move from a page, such as a pop-up for "help", or as a
currency converter. In those cases a pop-up is wholly justified. I would
seldom recommend taking away a users "furniture" of familiar icons and
tool-bars to view a site the way many designers insist upon, but in some
specific circumstances it is a good solution.

Kind regards,
Liam Delahunty

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