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Tue Apr 30 12:53:08 CDT 2002


> From: Raymond Camden
> Well, considering that it was dumb for me to not cut
> the earlier post - I don't see why I shouldn't use this
> technique just because Mozilla misthreads it. ;) Why
> shouldn't it use the real subject? Ditto for the evolt
> archive.

because the subject doesn't give any indication as to what message it's in
reply-to.  so, you'd basically have a top level message (the one without
"RE:" in the subject line) and an unordered collection of crap nested one
level in underneath it.  all thread cohesiveness would disappear.  i would
have thought that a jedi knight such as yourself would have considered that.


<tip type="asp" author=".jeff">

have you run the iis lockdown tool one your win2k or winxp system and now
running any asp page results in an "object disabled" error?  that's because
the iis lockdown tool maps a number of extensions (asp, idq, htw, cer, cdx,
asa, htr, idc, shtm, shtml, stm, etc.) to a different dll
(%system%\insetsrv\404.dll).  to get your asp pages working again simply
change the dll they're mapped to to %system%\inetsrv\asp.dll.

iis, right-click the site, choose properties.

click home directory tab

click configuration button

click ".asp" mapping.

click edit button

change executable path to %system%\inetsrv\asp.dll where %system% is the
path to your inetsrv directory (C:\WINNT\system32 on win2k).

click ok all the way out to the main iis mmc window.

you should now be able to run asp pages.



jeff at members.evolt.org

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