[thelist] CFMX

Pete Freitag pf at cfdev.com
Tue Apr 30 13:55:04 CDT 2002

>You can also pick up the preview release of ColdFusion MX (Server, english
>only, windows only) at the same URL.

>I'd love to hear what some of you think about them after using `em a bit.

Well I've been using CFMX since Alpha 1 and I am quite impressed with it.
The thing I found most surprising when I first used it was how well existing
CFML code ran in it.  It's quite a feat considering it's a complete rewrite.
I am also very impressed with Macromedia's Quality Assurance team (QA), they
have been very responsive, and with the number of people beta testing it, I
think we are going to end up with a rock solid release in June!

Pete Freitag (pfreitag at cfdev.com)
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