[thelist] javascript mailto link in IE

.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Tue Apr 30 17:38:01 CDT 2002


first off, please don't leave the whole digest in your post to thelist.

> From: Kathy Long
> I put this link on a page:
> javascript:location='mailto:?SUBJECT=This may interest
> you&BODY='+escape(location.href)
> and I tried:
> javascript:location.href='mailto:?SUBJECT=This may
> interest you&BODY='+escape(location.href)
> but the problem is in IE on a PC which opens the mail
> program just fine but opens a blank page in the browser
> with that link printed to the page. Works fine on a Mac
> and on both platforms in IE and Netscape.
> Anyone know how to work around this in IE on a PC so it
> stays on the same page when you press that link?

no matter what you try you will get inconsistent results attempting to do
this via scripting and a mailto link.  the standardization of behavior isn't
there.  many people don't have email clients installed on the machine their
using cause the web-based account they have is just fine.  instead, use a
form and process it all server-side.

good luck,


jeff at members.evolt.org

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