[thelist] wintel based email servers

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Tue Apr 30 17:58:02 CDT 2002

I've only used iMail ... it has a nice web interface and is on the
low end of what you can pay for an email server ... at least for the
250 user version. It's really simple to administer (except maybe for
the mail relay settings - it _is_ an open relay after you install
it). Other than that, my only complaint is that the list software
isn't very powerful, but the up-side of the coin it it's  easily
manipulated with CF or ASP or whatever, so you can make it do
whatever you want ...

There's many third party tools/extensions available for it, of which
I used a few.

Their support is good too. You can download a free trial ... worth
checking out.

>i am curious to ask people's opinions about email servers based on a
>windows 2000 box.
>free is always great, but am curious what others' experiences have been
>with any consumer sized package.


- Erik Mattheis

(612) 377 2272


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