[thelist] Need Reliable Host!

sasha sasha at bittersweet2.com
Tue Apr 30 19:04:13 CDT 2002

They seem a bit shady if you ask me.  How can you charge
so little and manage to stay in business for very long?

Not only that, but they don't have a "redundant OC-3 and
DS-3 connections" like they claim.  One of their up-
stream providers may have that kind of connection, but
they don't.  From the looks of it, they only own a /29
and their coordinator contact has an @aol email address.

I'm not saying they're a bad host or have questionable
service, since I wouldn't know.  They just don't look

Christy "sasha" Siepker

4/30/2002 7:21:49 PM, robert at netologies.com wrote:

>Hello, Kevin!
>You might want to talk to the guys at Sevaa.  They have
been responsive
>to issues that I have had.  They also follow-up and let
you know if they
>have maintenance planned. If you can handle your
webmaster tasks this
>company will meet your needs.  Another thing, you will
not believe the
>On Tuesday, April 30, 2002, at 10:44 AM, Kevin wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I would like some recommendations on a RELIABLE
hosting company. I will
>> need
>> MySQL DB, CGI/Perl and about 15 email accounts.
>> Looking for a plan in the price range of $15-20 per
>> Any comments will be apprciated.
>> -Kevin
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