[thelist] wintel based email servers

Matt Liotta mliotta at r337.com
Wed May 1 00:08:08 CDT 2002

If you have to use Windows for an email server (don't recommend it), the
only decent daemon is LSMTP from LSoft. As mail servers go, LSMTP is
often superior on a Windows machine to that of a *nix machine in terms
of performance. You of course still have to deal with the reliability
issues of Windows, but that is not LSMTP's fault.


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> hello all -
> i am curious to ask people's opinions about email servers based on a
> windows 2000 box. as i'm not interested in running active directory
> overhead and server speed considerations so that puts exchange out.
> like to run a third party service perferably with pop3 and webmail
> in.
> free is always great, but am curious what others' experiences have
> with any consumer sized package.
> tia,
> // matt
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