[thelist] secure login, with non secure site

Chris Blessing webguy at mail.rit.edu
Wed May 1 08:48:00 CDT 2002


If the "secure window" opens a new window with a location pointing to a
non-secure resource, will the browser really display that dialog? If so,
could you have the popup open a secure page with a frameset to a non-secure

Chris Blessing
webguy at mail.rit.edu

> Hi All,
> We are trying to create a secure login page (https), that spawns a child
> window in which we run our application. But, for speed sake we don't want
> the child window to be secure.
> The problem is ...  We don't want our users to receive the "You
> are about to
> leave a secure site" message when the child window is created.
> Has anyone found a work around for this, or have any ideas.
> Thanks
> Gary

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