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sasha sasha at bittersweet2.com
Wed May 1 09:14:00 CDT 2002

If you're defining color by hexidecimal, you're supposed
to use this syntax:

color: #FFFFFF


color: FFFFFF

Browsers displaying it wrong are probably looking for a
color named "FFFFFF", not the color #FFFFFF like you

If you don't have content for an interior page, don't
link to it.  Link to a hash (#) or some sort of "do
nothing" javascript.

You might consider making your resumé a plain .txt
document, instead of a word doc.  Not everyone uses M$
products or would have a way to open them.

Otherwise, it is just a bland black & white page.

Christy "sasha" Siepker

5/1/2002 8:13:11 AM, Feingold Josh S
<Josh.S.Feingold at irs.gov> wrote:

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>I am redesigning my site, and the new design is
available at:
>I would appreciate comments on design (e.g. color
choice, layout, overall
>look, etc.)  I have only tested this on IE, since I
prefer to finalize "the
>look" before tweaking it for cross browser issues.
However, it should look
>fine in anything that properly supports CSS1.
>Please free to be harsh, I know a little programming,
but don't have any
>background in graphic arts, so I won't take it too
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