[thelist] Netscape Communicator oddity

Judi Taylor judi at frognet.net
Wed May 1 13:27:00 CDT 2002

Greetings Evolters!

I have a question regarding odd behavior that I've noticed in trying to get
a site to work with Netscape Navigator 4.08. Yes, I know that 4.08 is an
extremely low end browser, however, I do need to make sure that it can use
the site....some of the rural areas don't go with the 'latest and

Anyway, onto the quandary:

First problem is that I have a javascript/dhtml menu that I'm utilizing
(downloaded from
http://www.jessett.com/web_sites/dhtml/create_dhtml_menu.shtml ). Something
in this javascript (I'm guessing here as I'm not a javascripter - more of a
javascript hacker - and only somewhat at best) is causing the page to
continually reload, effectively making the page/site unusable.

The oddity that I've noticed, other than the above problem, is when I go to
View Source, it seems that every other character (yes, it loads the whole
page even after you hit "Stop") is the funky square box thingie that I
associate with either a control character, or some other character that the
system/browser is unable to interpret.

I'm including a bit of the javascript code (what I think may be the
culprit) from the nav.js file...any help/insight/solution would be greatly
var activeSub=0;
var SubNum=0;

function reDo(){ window.location.reload() }
    window.onresize = reDo;

function init(){
    	//  alert ("Running Init");
          if (document.layers) {
                      //  alert ("Running Netscape 4");
			screenSize = window.innerWidth;
			what ="ns4";
The url to thw page/site that I'm having this problem with is:


Please respond to my work account, as I don't have it subscribed to
thelist. That address is: jtaylor at ins-source.com

Judith Taylor

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