[thelist] Paying for proposals?

Chris George chrisg at gsnet.com
Wed May 1 15:38:01 CDT 2002

On 5/1/02 2:23 PM, "Casey Crookston" <casey.crookston at imibevcore.com> wrote:

> Chris,
> Doing free legwork for proposals is part of the business.  Some you get
> and some you don't.

That's cool, and what I figured.  It's the way it's been going for years
now. :-)

> If they wince, you are in trouble.  If they don't even bat an eye, then
> you are fine.

Right. So ballpark it right off the bat so I can get some sort of truthful
feedback from them.

> It's my experience that the true professionals know they need to pay up
> for good services, and they won't quibble over a high bid.

<sigh> 4 years of creating proposals and I'm still unsure about some things.
Thanks for the tips.

> It's the cheap scats out there who think you should work for free that
> gobble up your time. If, after gathering an idea of the prospects
> ability to pay for your services, you feel that they simply can't afford
> it, then keep your legwork to a minimum.  And when you do come up with a
> number, double it before giving it to them.
> But charging for quotes?  Bad idea.  I personally would not even give
> you a second look.  There are WAY to many competitors out there who do
> it for free.

That's cool, I wasn't sure if maybe I'm missing the boat, and other firms
_are_ charging.  Which would pretty lame on my part.

> My $00.02

Thank you very much Casey!


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