[thelist] PHP help: ftp_nlist doesn't see directories?

Kevin Martin evolt at brasscannon.net
Wed May 1 16:32:01 CDT 2002

Hi.  I'm trying to work with a nice bit of code presented by
melonfire.com by way of devshed.com (in an article titled "Beam Me Up
Scotty"); it's been working nicely for quite a while, but wouldn't
you know it, my client has decided that uploading and downloading
files from only one directory isn't QUITE enough, and they need the
feature I commented out to allow movement between directories.

Problem is, I commented it out because it didn't bloody work. :-(

Basically, it's using ftp_nlist to get a list of files in the current
directory and presenting them in a PHP loop.  If it's a directory,
the original coder apparently thought that ftp_size would return -1 --
but no!  I've dumped the array that ftp_nlist returns, and there are no
directories in it, only plain files.

Browsing the online PHP manual doesn't show any functions that look
any more promising; does anyone have a rabbit in their hat they'd
be willing to pull out?  T.I.A.

Kevin "digger" Martin <evolt at brasscannon.net>

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