[thelist] MySQL to Excel Problem Pivot Table SOLVED!

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed May 1 17:00:01 CDT 2002

> Nothing needs to be done in PHP
> except run this query and place the results.
> I feel like rudy today! :)

<blush />

thanks, i'm honoured

especially since your comment comes right after
"nothing needs to be done except run this query"

that is indeed the holy grail of web development -- ask the database for
what you want, and avoid scripting altogether...

thanks jay

<tip type="accessibility has interesting side-benefits">
Beyond 508
"Agency managers have found bonus capabilities in the compliance software
they bought last year to meet Section 508 accessibility deadlines.... Each
night, the 10 EPA regional offices upload information from their Oracle
Corp. database systems, nicknamed WasteLANs, into the national
Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability
Information System, or CERCLIS. PopChart extracts data from CERCLIS into
Microsoft SQL Server and automatically generates visual representations
using the Microsoft Component Object Model and Extensible Markup Language
under Microsoft .Net, Conley said. Managers who want details can click on
map regions to see how the figures were derived."

something in that story makes me shudder, but i'm not sure what it is

i don't normally surf the websites of foreign governments, but i happened
to notice Section 508 in the nav bar of this page --
   Navy subs will test omnidirectional periscopes
which my son and i turned up on google last night (he's doing a grade 4
project on periscopes)

"After the October attack on the USS Cole in a Yemeni harbor, a periscope
program was established at the Naval Underwater Warfare Center in Newport,
R.I.   When the Greenville collided with the Ehime Maru in February,
killing nine aboard the fishing vessel, “that led to an acceleration of the
program,” McKenna said."

i'm not gonna comment on that, except to say that i found it very


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