[thelist] Paying for proposals?

the head lemur headlemur at clearskymail.com
Wed May 1 19:44:00 CDT 2002

> What I was _thinking_ about implementing is something along the lines of a
> nonrefundable deposit of a couple hundred...

Nope! this course of action will put you out of business.

If it is a web design project, it is the part of the business that is in the
really small print the same color as the background:)

It doesn't matter what the product is, as developers it is our
responsibility to perform a little bit of market analysis and product

Fred wants to sell widgits on the web.
What do you know about widgits?
What do you know about how widgits are sold?
How does Fred want to sell widgits?
Who else is in the widgit space on the web?
How many widgits sites are there?
How well are they done?
Who are his competitiors?
How Local are they?
Are there Widigit associations?
Does Fred Belong?
How is your design going to sell Fred widgits?
What is the unique selling proposition?
What customer service support options are available?
How do you help Fred track leads to sales?

All of these things are on the First list in developing a proposal.

The Second list contains the code and software requirements.

Static Pages?
Request Form(s)?
Contact Information?
Shipping and handling info?
Tracking and returns?

The Third list is the actual Architecture
from interest to sale.

CC Handlers?
Database for multiple widgits?
Bulletin Board?
Accessibility Issues?

Then you write it up on One sheet of paper.

Fixed Costing
One Time
(development and deployment, software purchase,lease,rental)

(hosting, domain name renewal, maintenence, updates, search engine

(remember Fred sells widgits and does not surt the web or build websites)

Bottom line
(payment schedule, copyrights, portfolio rights, deliverables.)

+++Add 50% to your anticipated delivery time+++

After you get them to say Yes, and you can do this as you are a selling
then you sign a Contract for Development,(2 Copies) which outlines the
deliverables, timelines, responsibility for content, penalties for late
content on client and developer sides, hold harmless for material provided
by client, e.g. artwork, logos and text, from vendors, suppliers. ect.
(Ideally You will have a form outlining materials used with permissions

Get money and get to work;)

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