[thelist] Paying for proposals?

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Wed May 1 20:21:00 CDT 2002

At 1:55 PM -0600 5/1/02, Chris George wrote:
>Do any of you charge for proposals?  Is this a bad idea?  What are your
>results in doing so?

I'd like to offer a differing opinion ... maybe it's different, maybe
I'm talking about something other than a "proposal" ...

Sometimes I'll do some actual work in the process of "proposing" to
create something ... if it's for an existing client, I _always_ bill
for that work and I've done it with new clients too.

If someone's not exactly sure what they want, helping them shape a
project or have something to show the Board when they ask for money
... or whatever ... is providing a valuable service ... in which
case, it would be inappropriate _not_ be paid.

My view may be slanted because the majority of the work I do is for
existing clients or people that have decided that they're going to
use me if they do the project at all ... good referrals, etc.

>takes approx. a day of my time

A "day" of unbilled work seems like nothing to worry about though ...
it's commonplace for me ... I don't charge for phone calls etc, ...
helping set up a god damn email client ... I've spent _at least_ 10
unbilled hours in the last _week_ saying "OK, let's go to Special >
Settings, and then find the 'personalities' option ..."

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