[thelist] bandwidth help

Andrew Maynes andrew at uk-webdeveloper.co.uk
Thu May 2 07:01:01 CDT 2002

how can I prevent this?  someone posted this on a forum I manage....

"If anyone is still nervous about this working it is possible to save the
accumulated posts to your own PC. Stop me if you've heard this before, but
here's what you do:

- Use the find feature and select up to 500 posts at a time by setting the date
parameters. Leave the search string blank.
- When you have your 400+ posts shown on one page, add that page to your
favourites. Tick the box to 'make available offline' and then click on the
'customise' button. Tick the box for 'make those pages available offline' and
leave the depth of links set to '1'.
- Click on 'next' a few times and then on 'finish' and your PC should set about
diligently downloading the pages.

Do this about 20 times and you should have the lot. Be warned that this may take
up a fair bit of space on your machine. Each of these chunks is about 3MB but
can be ten times that if there are graphics.

It helps if you have good bandwidth - I've done a few chunks using ADSL but a
good corporate pipe would be faster.



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