[thelist] How much for something like this?

Casey Crookston casey.crookston at imibevcore.com
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There are WAY way too many variables for anyone to give you a solid

How long have you been in the business?

What is your background?

How long will it take you to do the site?  Are you learning on the job,
or can it be done in your sleep?

What is the back end of the site?  Just html, or database driven?

Who is the client?

Where is the client?  Big market?  Small market?

Is the client cash rich or strapped?  No matter what anyone tells you,
they will always bump up a bid if they feel the client can afford a
little more.

How fast do they need it to market?

Is your contact at the client easy to work with?  Do you need to charge
extra to cover the PIA factor? (Pain In the A@@)

Are you generating content, or is it being provided?

Does client want ongoing maintenance?

Does he want the site search engine friendly?

Does client want ability to to update content from a web enabled
back-end system?  Or do you have to edit the HTML every time they want
to dot an I or cross a T?

Where are the graphics coming from?  Is client supplying or do you have
to generate yourself?  If yourself, do you buy them from PhotoDisk, or
go out and shoot them with a digital camera?  Who owns the camera?  Who
pays for your tarvel time?  If they supply the graphics, how do they
give them to you?  On disk or paper?  Do they need to be cleaned up, or
are they ready to use?

Who's doing the graphic work and what tools are you using?  Are you the
designer and the developer, or do you have a staff of people to help you

Are you a one man show working from home, or do you have a large office
with overhead?

How helpful is the client in telling you what they want?  Are you on
your own for the design, or are you matching design to their existing
marketing material?

Etc etc etc.

That's all I can think of for now... But it gives you an idea of all the
factors going into pricing a job.


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how much should i charge for a website like this one????


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