[thelist] targeting a specific frame within a frameset

Keith cache at dowebscentral.com
Thu May 2 14:55:00 CDT 2002

At 02:20 PM Wednesday 5/1/02, Rachel wrote:

>I have a 3 frame frameset.  From an href on another page, I want to target
>the frameset with a specific page loaded in frame 3.  (not the original one
>as defined in the frameset).  I have many links like this and I do not want
>to build specific framesets for all of them.  Can I call the frameset and
>have it automatically load a specific frame at the same time?

To load 123.html in frame3 from another page, on the other page

<a href="frameset.html?123.html">

on framest.html

<script language=javascript>
if(location.search.substring(1) =! ''){
url = location.search.substring(1)
url = "regular.html"
'<frameset name=frame1 src="abc.html">'+
'<frameset name=frame2 src="xyz.html">'+
'<frameset name=frame3 src="'+url+'">+'


cache at dowebscentral.com

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