[thelist] Needs some advice on creating a members only area and...

Ken Kogler ken at kenkogler.com
Thu May 2 21:39:00 CDT 2002

For the login issue, you can use a text file. One login per line with
some kind of delineator between the username and password. Something
like this, perhaps:

  |  bobJenkins:98sfc70x9s     |
  |  carlHicks:s0uthrnc0mf0rt  |
  |  matthew:s1artibartfast    |

You can open the text file, and stream it in line by line until you find
a matching login/pass combination. If you reach EOF, then the login
doesn't exist.

That's one option.

If you're using ASP, I can help you more offlist if you'd like.

As far as the pictures go, giving your client FTP access and teaching
them the basic of an <img> tag might not be a bad idea.

Ken Kogler

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> I need a little advice,
> I'm quoting a small web site for a non profit that could turn
> out to be
> rather expensive depending on how I do things. One of the
> requirements of
> the web site is a members only area that will include as far
> as I can tell,
> just their newsletter.
> What is the best way to create a simple members only area?
> If I go the database route to include all member info and
> unique passwords,
> it's also going to need an admin page so they can update the
> database. If I
> don't use a database, I can create a page with a universal
> password, but
> every time someone leaves the group, it would have to be changed.
> They also want to put pictures of something they want to sell
> on the site
> and have the ability to add more pictures to it if necessary.
> I don't think
> they're looking for e-commerce.
> What's the alternative to me maintaining these pictures so
> they can add
> pictures when they need to?
> I'm working with Dreamweaver UD4
> Thanks in advance,
> Bob
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