[thelist] site copy?

Janet Green JGreen at desmoinesmetro.com
Fri May 3 08:59:02 CDT 2002

>>>The group has claimed no affiliations to others, but it is beginning to
scream site theft.
What do you think?<<<

I must be really naive. I went to both these sites expecting to see some casual differences, but I 'bout fell out of my chair when I saw the exact same graphics, nav buttons and site structure.

I do think we/you need to NOT assume that it's the Canadian site doing the stealing, establish the chronology of what happened, and talk to the Canadian client to find out how much they knew and when they knew it. If they allowed their designers to steal others' work, that's a good indication of the type of people they are and in that case, I'd say walk away. You can SHOW THEM the other site and just ask them if they know how the two sites came to look so completely alike, down to and including the theft of graphic images and the entire navigation structure. If they don't seem to know anything about it, you can further stir things up by inviting theantidrug.com to take a look at the Canadian site (assuming you can prove the Canadian site went up AFTER theantidrug.com) - and maybe instigate a copyright war. I don't know how satisfying that would be for you, but, it would pretty much guarantee you wouldn't be working on the site. ;)


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