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> Hey all,
> I'm going to be running a workshop on Dreamweaver for a
> youngish [13-25]
> bunch of people... ...does anyone have any ideas for stuff
> that I should
> cover?

>From experience...

1) Make sure they know some basic HTML, since it helps to understand why
DW shouldn't be used as a MS Word-like word processor

2) Make sure they know how files are stored in a file system, so that
they'll understand that things like <img src="file://c:/myfolder/etc">
are not likely to work an a server, although it works on their local
computer (and make sure they know the difference between server and
local machine in the first place)

3) Don't believe them that they have understood what you told them,
until they have proven it.

I've been teaching for quite a while now, but every time I'm amazed how
clever (with GUI Elements) and how stupid (with things that require a
little patience and unterstanding) people can be at the same time (or,
what's more likely, I keep forgetting that some things are easy to
understand when you sit on your computer all day and are hard to
understand when you don't).

-- eike

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