[thelist] php/mysql update, then redirect

Matthias Ritzkowski Matt at grndwtr.com
Fri May 3 10:11:14 CDT 2002

Hi all -

I started digging a little deeper into mysql and PHP the last few days.
Here is a problem I encountered and I would be interested to know if someone
else sees this / works around it.

Let's say I have three pages

1.	mainpage.php
	I display a dropdown list with items. I have a button to change a
selected item
2.	enter_new_info.php
	I collect information in a form, with submit button etc.
	action = update.php
3.	update.php
	On this the update query is fired. Then redirection to mainpage.

My problem is on "update.php".
I want to use an include for the connection string, but I can't do that
because of the header function I use after the query was fired.
My solution so far was to write out the connection string, which defeats the
purpose of using it in an include file in the first place.

How do you guys deal with this?

Matthias Ritzkowski

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