[thelist] Cyberwings.com Hosting

James S. Huggins (Evolt) Evolt at ZName.com
Fri May 3 12:26:01 CDT 2002

Has anyone used cyberwings.com?  They offer a decent Unix based hosting
package for $2 a year. It seems to good to be true.

Yes. I am testing with them now.

And several people on three other lists I'm on are using them.

Yes, the "too good to be true" factor was huge. But we are experimenting on
the theory that even if it is too good to be true, the risk is low.

So far the service is excellent, they have done precisely what they said and
everything is working great.

Don't get me wrong; many of us are still wondering if there is another shoe
to drop. But so far . . . wonderful.

James S. Huggins


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