[thelist] April stats for evolt.org

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Fri May 3 15:46:05 CDT 2002

Marhaba evolters!

In this update email, I bring not news of router destruction or
encapsulation confusion, but good news for a change! The April evolt.org
stats are here and available for your viewing refreshment!

High level:
Hits: 2.4 million(ties last months record)
Page views: 745,600
Page views/day: 24,700
Unique hosts served: 131,000(just short of last months record)
Data transferred: 102.5Gb (new record!)

Low level:
Top 7 referers:
1-7: Various Google sites(google.yahoo,google.de/ca/uk/fr/etc..) - ~200K
Honorable mention: Anyone who linked to us that isn't google ;)

Browsers & OS's:

IE based browsers continued to lead the pack for total # of requests to
the evolt.org sites, and increased its lead by about 2% to account for
75% of total page views on evolt.org sites. Netscape and Opera dropped a
couple tenths of a percentage point each to finish at 9.76% and 2.87%

Windows based operating systems continue to be the dominant choice of
evolt.org visitors, coming in at 78.75% of all requests. Win2k also
seems to be the most popular among the windows flavors with just under
39% of all requests for evolt.org sites, followed by windows98 with just
under 22% of all requests. Our phantom visitor who uses an Atari based
OS to peruse evolt.org didn't visit us in April I'm saddned to report :(
Mac based browsers accounted for 6% of requests to evolt.org while Unix
based browsers were responsible for about half that at 3%.

Top 5 members.evolt.org accounts for the month were marceloslg,
desflynn, djc, DarthGreg, and deadL0ck

Every month, I pick out one members.evolt.org account that i think is
doing something cool, interesting, or wierd.

This months featured members.evolt.org belongs to Bobby Gillette, aka
http://members.evolt.org/fusion/ - more of a weblog type site than a
resrouce like previous winners, it's been a daily read of mine for the
past couple weeks now. Plus I like the design(and the pixelization!),
and the fact that he plays Dark Age of Camelot :)
Thanks to last months featured m.e.o account,
http://members.evolt.org/shaggy !

You can view the whole veggie-burger for yourself, as usual, at
http://browsers.evolt.org/stats/stats.apr2002.html - Thanks to everyone
  for your community participation and continuing to make evolt.org the
premier web developers resource!

Salaam! Wa shukran lis-samak! (thanks samir :)


Find the how, what, and why you should consider a donation to evolt.org
- http://members.evolt.org/contribute/

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