[thelist] Is this too harsh? :-)

Michiel Trimpe M.B.Trimpe at student.tue.nl
Sat May 4 08:50:01 CDT 2002

Hi Rudy,

I disagree, I sign up for numerous accounts all over the Internet.
Several of them don't allow you to opt-out when subscribing with them
but according to state law they have to unsubscribe you when you
request. If you keep receiving ''spam'' from such a service the
unsubscribe option often helps.

I recently did that for about 30 ''spam'' emails (or at least unwanted
emails ... ) and my spam count has almost been cut in half since.


r> <tip type="spam">
r> unless you want more of it, never reply to spam -- do not, under any
r> circumstances, fall for the "click here to have yourself removed" lie
r> </tip>

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