[thelist] Secure Site Expiration

Belinda Johnson belinda at prodsol.net
Sun May 5 09:58:01 CDT 2002

An associate of mine has a secure shopping cart site but for certain items
they actually link to a different third party company who handles those
particular items (name badges for example). The thid party company's site
does NOT show the lock on the browser window and is NOT an https address -
even when it gets all the way to the end of the shopping process to put in
the credit card information.

When we questioned it we were told "he assured me it was secure, but that
their security had expired and though it was renewed, the company had not
added the lock back."

Am I correct that this is either pure BS, or he is honestly ignorant?

Any suggestions how I should follow up with it in a professional manner
(with facts LOL), and specifically what question I should ask him when I
call as a customer to make it crystal clear to him that if his hosting
company is telling him his site is secure - they're not telling him the
truth and he's opening himself up for liability?

In addition - when contacted - he did informed the customer (who was
concerned) that no matter what, the order has to go through the website
somehow, even if THEY enter it. Which appears that even if you call in your
credit card number to them to avoid an insecure transaction - the people at
the company go ahead and do it anyway???

Here'e the site in question:


or the actual company:


Thanks for any & all suggestions.

Belinda Johnson

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