[thelist] Secure Site Expiration

Belinda Johnson belinda at prodsol.net
Sun May 5 11:51:00 CDT 2002

Re: But I'm a bit confused. Is buysharpsigns.com the company website, or is
the third party site?

"BuySharpSigns" sells the name badges, promotional banners, and yard signs
to reps of "Country Bunny Bath & Body".

"Country Bunny's" actual shopping cart service is not through them, but the
reps must purchase the promtional items listed above directly from
BuySharpSigns, which is "endorsed" by Country Bunny. The company (Country
Bunny) is very new to Direct Sales (2 years) but is going through tremendous
growth - and a big learning curve that they are handling as best they can
with the help of some of their newer reps who deal with other web services
day to day (that would be me LOL - DISCLAIMER - this is in NO WAY a
promotional opportuntity to me through the list - I just know I don't know
as much as I wish I did on SSL and before I get "in their face" about
endorsing the BuySharpSigns company and their nonsecure purchasing practices
I want to have my ducks in a row - and I value the knowledge on this list a
LOT - thanks JAMES for pointing me in this direction several weeks ago!)

I just try to keep reps from trusting blindly, especially when it comes to
online shopping :)

Belinda Johnson

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