[thelist] Is there any Free ASP/PHP Open Source WebRing App..

Michiel Trimpe M.B.Trimpe at student.tue.nl
Sun May 5 16:13:00 CDT 2002

Hello N.a.v.i.n,

Well it's not free but it ain't really expensive either:
http://www.trxx.co.uk/products/ringworld.html .

Depending on what you will use it for I could whip you one up in
exchange for some advertising or anything.

  Michiel Trimpe

NavinDhanu> _Are_ -Is- there any Free ASP/PHP Open Source WebRing App.
NavinDhanu> I found many but were in PERL.

<tip type="resources" author="Michiel Trimpe">
If you're looking for any kind of pre-manufactured CGI (mainly Perl)
or PHP script always go to www.resourceindex.com first. They have
a huge collection of scripts all rated, searchable and ready to go.

Best regards,
 Michiel                            mailto:M.B.Trimpe at student.tue.nl

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