[thelist] Secure Site Expiration

Belinda Johnson belinda at prodsol.net
Sun May 5 18:56:01 CDT 2002

Thanks - that's what I thought (even with my limited server admin
knowledge). I know you can generate your own certificates but as you said -
though they'd then be encrypted a VERY savvy user wouldn't be as likely to
question the trust level as long as they see an https and/or the lock. Which
isn't to say that's a solution by any means - but this company isn't even
bothering with the https in the first place.

I really appreciate all teh advice and tips from today - I'm about to step
in it (a big pile of muck you might say :) ) and I really want to be sure I
am going on fact and not opinion when I do so.


RE: yes if it's HTTPS you are getting encrypted transactions, no matter how
your cert is, you can even generate the cert yourself, it will be secure,
but not necessarily trusted.

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