[thelist] Offline website

ashok at magicalkenya.com ashok at magicalkenya.com
Mon May 6 04:52:01 CDT 2002

Hello evolters :

A friend of mine who is a professional photographer wants to put up a
portfolio website with around 30 - 40 pages which would grow as he added
more stuff , hes kind of on a budget and has static , html hosting for his
domain . and hes quite html illiterate --

Is anyone aware of a system where i can put in the content  & structure for
him based on a template & the system generates all the subsequent pages
with images (all with relative links of  course...)  - which he can then
upload to his website ...?

Worst case  - i was thinking of writing something server side script based
& then using teleport pro to generate the pages ...., an easier option
though would definitely be of great help ....


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