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ThumbsPlus will generate pages of thumbnails from a directory of photos
based on a template file you can create from examples. You can add comments
to the photos before you generate the pages, or edit in dreamweaver
afterwards. The only thing it won't do is generate a directory of the
collections, that's a   dreamweaver job, but dreamweaver is so easy for
simple tasks like that, I'm sure you could so him how.

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Hello evolters :

A friend of mine who is a professional photographer wants to put up a
portfolio website with around 30 - 40 pages which would grow as he added
more stuff , hes kind of on a budget and has static , html hosting for his
domain . and hes quite html illiterate --

Is anyone aware of a system where i can put in the content  & structure for
him based on a template & the system generates all the subsequent pages
with images (all with relative links of  course...)  - which he can then
upload to his website ...?

Worst case  - i was thinking of writing something server side script based
& then using teleport pro to generate the pages ...., an easier option
though would definitely be of great help ....


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